As the saying goes, cleanliness is clarity, and maintaining a clean home can be a foundation to a healthy life. Taking out the trash, doing laundry, wiping down the kitchen, and disinfecting the bathroom may require the use of harsh, sterilizing chemicals such as bleach. Bleach can be beneficial when it comes to cleaning but there are many do’s and don'ts that many people may overlook. Besides keeping our home clean, it's important to use precaution so we can stay happy and healthy. Using bleach incorrectly can lead to the inhalation of toxic fumes, damage to our eyes and skin, or dangerous chemical reactions. Health and safety go hand in hand, and we’re here to help. Remember, keeping your home clean and organized is a practice, not a project.
  • eskaylim/ Think Stock
    eskaylim/ Think Stock

    DON'T mix bleach with other cleaning solutions such as vinegar and ammoni

    Mixing different products can produce reactions that can lead to eye and skin damage as well as the inhalation of toxic fumes.

  • ablokhin/ Think Stock
    ablokhin/ Think Stock

    DO open a window when using bleach

    Opening window when using bleach to allow air circulation.

  • Susan Vineyard/ Thinkstock
    Susan Vineyard/ Thinkstock

    DON’T use full strength bleach from the bottle

    Always use water to create a diluted solution before cleaning.

  • FotoDuets/ Think Stock
    FotoDuets/ Think Stock

    DO wear gloves or goggles

    when using bleach for prolonged periods of time make sure to protect your eyes and skin with gloves and goggles.

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    AndreyPopov/ Think Stock

    DON’T store bleach where children can reach it

    Always store bleach in a cool dry space in its original container away from children and pets.

  • AGorohov/ Think Stock
    AGorohov/ Think Stock

    DO rinse surfaces before use

    rinse and wipe down surfaces with soap and water before using bleach to pick up any dirt or residue.

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