Since the pandemic began, people have spent more time than ever before at home dealing with all their stuff, leading to a trend toward minimalism.  The book Love People, Use Things: Because the Opposite Never Works is helping people declutter their lives. Authors Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus call themselves the minimalists. 

They say minimalism isn't living in a stark white house with empty walls and no furniture; it's about keeping what enhances your life and getting rid of what doesn't. They are quick to point out that the average American home contains a whopping 300,000 items.  People are starting to question what actually adds value to their lives and ridding themselves of excess stuff. Clutter has been linked to stress and anxiety and can even lead to overeating junk food and procrastinating. But it is more than just organizing, which they call well-planned hoarding. 

By eliminating things that don’t bring you joy or that you don’t need or use, you make room for what matters the most. Are you ready to get started? Here is a guide on what to keep and purge from the two authors of Love People, Use Things: Because the Opposite Never Works...

8 Things to Get Rid Of To De-Cluttering Your Life

The best ways to reorganize your life.

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