I'm from Jersey born and raised and I have to say one of the things I love about Jersey is that I'm 100 percent comfortable here. Until yesterday that is. Allow me to explain, I think nature is beautiful (if I see it from at least a thousand feet away). I mean, I like that you can go and find nature if you want that sort of thing, but I usually don't have more than a squirrel in my backyard and I'm at peace with that. We live in a populated area, we don't have too much land and we're on a busy corner.  In other words, the fact that I would never see a bear dig though my garbage pleases me immensely. So when my daughters come running in from our backyard screaming with our puppy in their hands I thought they were being dramatic.

It turns out that a HUGE hawk was flying over their heads while they were playing with our new puppy Fozzie. At first they didn't pay it much attention...then it happened again and it  got closer. They ran inside, told me and I thought it was a fluke.  We've never had a small dog before so I guess I really didn't know the hawk threat was real in Jersey. Fast forward to yesterday and my girls have the puppy outside again. They are playing fetch and this hawk sits in our tree licking his chops. I'm serious, I think I saw a dinner napkin tied around his neck. I ran inside with the dog wondering if this is really a problem or just the hawk's curiosity. A bit later, I take Fozzie for a walk and this thing SWOOPS down and almost touches the top of my head! We run inside screaming wondering if we can ever go out again! Listen, I'm no Grizzly Adams. I want no part of this whatsoever. Can you guys tell what to do now? For reference, Fozzie has grown to 19 pounds so I'm really surprised this is happening. I could see this being a concern when we first got him because this is how small he was:


Now, our buddy looks like this:


Are we actually in danger here or were we just being sized up?  If you know about this sort of thing please let us know!  Don't laugh but when I walked him again I brought an air horn with me. I'm really out of my element here. Shannon@943thepoint.com

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