By now, I'm sure you've heard all about the midweek snow some of us are already panicking about. I'm not ready. Are you?

Let me start by saying I respect those of you who are snow lovers and White Christmas lovers, and of snow is great for the kids who haven't seen any in a while. None of that changes my mind.

I am not ready, And here's what I'm not ready for snow season at the Jersey Shore...

I'm not ready for people driving like they have never seen this alien stuff falling from the sky ever before. Should you be careful, yes, of course, but do we have to drive like there are 50 sinkholes in front of us?

I'm also not ready to wait on line for 20 extra minutes at the supermarket because everyone has to have bread and milk for a 3 inch snow event. If the snow is not up to your ankles, I think we can turn off the bread and milk emergency system. We'll all be ok.

And on this one I apologize in advance to the hard working public works people. You do great work and we can't thank you enough. Having said that, there is nothing worse than finally finishing shoveling your driveway, going inside for some hot chocolate or something, and then hearing the plow come up the street.

And you know what that means. I'm putting the hot chocolate down and heading back out. That's ok though, it's all part of this thing we call winter, and it's why I'm not a fan.

Regardless of my feelings about winter, you'll have to keep your your eyes on this Wednesday-Thursday storm so make sure you have the 94.3 The Point App.

Get the latest from Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

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