We have all been waiting for this day to come. Along winter is definitely behind us once the temperature hits 80 degrees, right? Right?

Yes, the winter is behind us, both officially and historically. We can take a deep breath, put all those things behind us that we hate about winter and get ready for what we all hope is one of the greatest summers we'll ever have.

So, what about this 80 degree day we're having today? What do you need to know?

1. It won't be around long. Once we peak in the 80's today it will disappear as quickly as it got here. We will see temperatures drop back to the 70's tomorrow, not that we are complaining about that.

2. It won't be a record high temperature in either Monmouth or Ocean Counties. On this day in 2009, Freehold registered a daytime high of 90, and in Toms River, the record high for this date was set in 1994 when it got up to 93 degrees, according to the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist.

3. You probably won't swim. Ocean water temperatures are below 50 degrees at Belmar today, according to seatemperature.info, so it doesn't look like you can take advantage of this weather by playing in the waves.

4. The allergies. Grass pollen levels are expected to be high (around a 5 according to Accuweather) so you should make sure you grab your allergy meds before breathing in this day.

5. Despite all that. Despite no records, a couple of sneezes and no swimming, this is a glorious day for a beach or boardwalk stroll, eating outdoors or just cherishing the fact that you can be outdoors and feel some warmth and a little bit of the summer life we all crave at the Jersey Shore.

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