We are definitely celebrating summer weather at the Jersey Shore lately, and today is pretty much boasts the peak temperatures for the week.

And as we celebrate the 80 degree mark up and down the Jersey Shore, we can't help but wonder just how close to a record temperature we'll get. Spoiler alert - when you hear the record, it will make you feel like today is a cool fall day.

It turns out that a check of the records kept by the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist will disappoint all the record breaking hopefuls among us.  It turns out breaking the 80 degree mark is a good sign but far from a record moment.

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We'll look at the record temperatures on this day from weather stations for Freehold and Toms River to cover both counties.

For Freehold, we have to travel back to the early 60's to find the hottest day on this date. We actually hit  95 degrees on this date back in 1962. A full 12 degrees over the expected high today. Monmouth County, you're not even close to the record.

So, how about Ocean County? We checked the Toms River weather station to find out this day's top temperature.It turns out that hot day in '62 broke the record in Ocean County, too and the mercury hit 96 degrees that day. No record for you either, Ocean Country.

And just so you can keep track for the rest of the month, the all time high for a May Day in Monmouth County is the 96 degrees we hit on May 20, 1941 and for Ocean County the thermometer registered 99 degrees in 1996. Wow!

So, enjoy the day, really enjoy the lack of humidity, and when you have the urge to say 'it's hot today' just remember how far we are from record temperatures today. Nothing to complain about here!

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