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If you've been to Wildwoods, New Jersey lately you know what a fantastic place it is. It's packed with things to do like the beaches, amusements, the boardwalk, restaurants, nightlife, arts, events, and even golf.

JB and Family Visit Wildwoods Summer 2020

My family visited last summer and had an amazing time. Clearly, family fun abounds...but what did it look like back in 1957? That's 64 years ago, well before my time and likely yours too. Read below and enjoy the video.

Listen to JB

As I watched this video, I was amazed by so much. First, it was put together by "the Public Relations Department of the Wildwoods-By-The-Sea" to promote tourism. The narration is filled with adjectives, adverbs, and a distinct vintage delivery. Second, look at those outfits. How different from styles in 2021. Third, look at that lack of social distancing. LOL. I can't wait till we get back to fun in the sun without a care or concern of social distancing.

I loved seeing the boardwalk, the trams, and the amusement park. I really got a kick out of seeing some of the things I saw last summer and in other cases, how much things have changed. I chuckled when they said the national marble finals were held there on the beach. I didn't even know that existed!

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