Ah, Valentine's Day - a time for roses, candies, and romantic dates with your lover.

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But that's not the case in New Jersey, according to satelliteinternet. They did research on the most popular Google searches by state on Valentine's Day, and apparently, New Jersey is most searching for "break up." Ouch. Now in all fairness, this info is from 2020, so it's possible that our state has changed its ways since then.

And don't feel too bad, we're not the only ones searching the term break up. 22 other states are looking to ditch their significant others on the most romantic day of the year, including our neighbors New York and Pennsylvania. Other, more romantic states, are searching for things like The Bachelor, gifts for him, Tinder, Bumble, poetry, free dating apps, free Valentine's Cards, and Romantic movies.

Have you ever been broken up with on Valentine's Day? I haven't, BUT I did get roses sent to me by an ex when we had just broken up the week prior. Seems romantic, right? It would be if he hadn't forgotten to cancel the order and didn't give me the heads up about it. You can imagine how that conversation went.

How do you feel about New Jersey's most Googled search for Valentine's Day being "break up." Does it make you a little more inclined to protect your heart this time of year? Or are you just over Valentine's Day altogehter?

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