WARNING: This article has some disturbing content. 

I was recently tagged in a story that NEEDS our attention NOW.

Back in mid-December, a group of Monmouth County third graders were in the middle of a virtual class.

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One of the students -- whose name will not be revealed -- was noticeably squirmy and fidgety on camera.

When the teacher tried to get her to refocus, the little girl BURST OUT IN TEARS because she was starving.

And according to reports on Patch.com, once she started crying, "her cries turned to sobs [and] she could not stop crying on the Zoom call."

Heartbreaking. Imagine how hungry she must have been to give up that information in front of her entire class.

Since then, Kim Guadagno, who currently runs Fulfill, the food bank of Monmouth and Ocean counties, has gotten involved and thank goodness.

"It turns out the girl's mother lost her job when all the restaurants shut down in March. She hasn't been able to work since March, and she does not qualify for unemployment or benefits," Guadagno said.

And then another Fulfill representative pointed out an even more alarming fact.

"If a child is hungry, then typically the whole family is hungry," added Karla Bardinas of Fulfill. "Because what we've noticed is that parents will feed their children before they feed themselves."



People are broke and starving everywhere right now.

If you are someone who is stable: please donate to a local food bank. These donations make up a majority of what these food banks use to help those in need!

So this leads to my point of this article: WHERE ARE OUR STIMULUS CHECKS!!!??

Other countries have been receiving money every single month so avoid instances like a starving 8-year-old girl having to attend class on an empty stomach....and we have yet to pass a 3rd stimulus package.

WRITE IN TO OUR REPRESENTATIVES because this is just ridiculous.

And keep in mind that this one case is receiving publicity....how many other kids, cousins, parents, teachers and more are being forced to get through their day on an empty stomach? Economic hardship is one thing....but this is just plain disgusting....

Take a look at the original article covering this 8-year-old girl's story at Patch.com.

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