While most stories about money at the Jersey Shore are about us dishing it out for the next bill that is coming our way, this one is about the richest towns in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

Let's start in Monmouth County. There are a handful of towns that may come to mind for Monmouth County. If you said Colts Neck you got it wrong. Holmdel? Nope, that's not it either. How about Middletown? Not the richest.

The richest town in Monmouth County is no surprise. It's the place where the houses look like castles and the stars live. In many ways, it almost seems like its own little world. It's of course, Rumson.

And the median household income according to nj.com comes in at a whopping $177,857. And they also remind us that the average property taxes in Rumson are just north of $21,000.I actually thought both would be higher.

And how about Ocean County? The honor of the richest town in the county belongs to Point Pleasant, but the numbers aren't quite as, well, Rumson-y.

The average annual household income in Point Pleasant is a little over $92,000, which as they say, ain't so bad. Ocean County is one of only 4 counties in the state with an annual average household income of under 6 digits, further proof there is a lot of money in this state, and that's necessary since everything is so expensive.

Speaking of expensive, we wanted to know which local towns were among the most expensive, and Homesnacks says 2 Monmouth County towns are in the top 10 in the state.

Belmar comes in at #10. The third most expensive town to live in for the state is Asbury Park. No Monmouth County town made the least expensive top 10.

It always seems like the talk is about how much money is in this state. But that money never seems to make it to our pocket.

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