This has been a tough winter for Monmouth County towns. Did you expect any less? Everything in the past 12 months has been nothing short of challenging.

So, heading into the final week of we decided to take a look at some of the numbers when it comes to snowfall for some of the hardest hit towns in Monmouth County so far this winter.

And when you run the totals, you might be shocked at how big these numbers actually are. As we scanned the details at the Office of the State Climatologist website, some big towns certainly got some big snow so far this year.

We'll share totals for you in Freehold and in Manalapan, and remember these totals don't even include the last bout of snow we had. The official numbers aren't in yet.  So, of course these numbers are about to get even higher.

Freehold...29.6 inches

Manalapan...27.1 inches

And just to make sure Ocean County is represented as well, we checked in on Brick, and even though the reports aren't in from all snow events, just the ones that have been reported are impressive.

Brick..12.0 inches

Remember, these numbers only include events that the local weather stations have reported and are official, so the actual numbers in the total so far may not include every snow event we have experienced so far.

But these numbers are certainly an indication of very active winter for all of us here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. And we've been doing all the shoveling to prove it.

Here's the good news. Our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow has no snow in the forecast for at least 4 days, and by then it's almost March!

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