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On a day when headlines abound about about terror in Turkey, Benghazi, Trump's trade rants, Pocahontas, and a gas tax increase, I am instead drawn to an example of our real economic problems both in New Jersey and the United States; waste. Detroit, instead of fixing a serious problem with underperforming students (note, I did not say schools) caused by poverty, violence and systemic law enforcement failures, decided to add more schools via a charter system. What was the end result? More choices of schools that underperform catering to the same kids stuck in the same cycle of poverty, violence and systemic law enforcement failures. Today, we talk about raising a gas tax to bring more money into a broken system while lowering a sales tax ultimately resulting in even less revenue into a budget that can't be sustained under current circumstances. When will someone decide to draw a line in the sand and address the root cause of our disease rather than putting band aids on each new open sore that appears? Let's discuss this morning on WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 (streaming on and the RadioPup app).

Joining us in studio at 6am for Dr. Stan Liptzin and Jimmy Givens talking Lakewood Historical Society. At 7am, we're joined by Connie Green, VP of the Institute for Prevention at RWJ Barnabas Health. You can join in at 732-505-1160.

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