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Now isn't this a kick in the pants. In one fell swoop, Donald Trump has managed to basically reverse his whole platform on immigration AND say that the laws of this country are sufficient to do what needs to be done to regulate effectively. What? The entire premise of his campaign originally revolved around building a wall, closing our borders, deporting illegals and ending the threat of terrorism within the United States. Is this the official transformation of Donald Trump in to the "P" word; a POLITICIAN? Let's discuss at 732-505-1160.

This morning on Wake Up (With?) Jeremy Grunin on WOBMAM 1160 and 1310, streaming on the RadioPup app and, we'll be talking to artist Valerie Morone. Then, it's time to dance (get ready Jillian Nardini Messina), as we welcome Denise Buchner, owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Manasquan.

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