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I guess I was about 25 years ahead of my time. Clearly, had I had the ability to sharpen my broomball or wood chopping skills (see what I did there....."sharpen" and "wood chopping"), I could have been quite the jock. Clearly, it's not just the world of non-profits, social media or commerce that millennials have profoundly impacted. Even the world of sports has begun to evolve. Which sport would you have been the King or Queen of? Chime in with your feedback on Wake Up (With) Jeremy Grunin on WOBM AM 1160 and 1310, streaming on the RadioPup App and

This morning we're joined at 6am by Lizzie Caneda and then at 7am, we're joined by Kassandra Wainright from Simply Skin. Join our conversation at 732-505-1160.

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