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Crazy weekend at the Jersey Shore and beyond. Minutes before the Semper Five race in Seaside, a race that honors our marines, a pipe bomb explodes in a garbage can cancelling the race and setting off a wave of paranoia. Hours later in NYC, another bomb explodes injuring dozens in Chelsea. Meanwhile in Minnesota on Saturday night, a knife attack subsequently claimed by ISIS injured 9 before the assailant was killed. Finally, overnight in Elizabeth Sunday, up to five homemade bombs were found in a wastebasket near a train trestle. Was this a conicidence this weekend or was it choregraphed? Was this perpetrated by political activists or lunatics looking for a weird thrill? We may never know for sure all the answers but it is clear that our world has changed forever in recent years. Political commentary manifests itself in so many more ways today whether it's via a protest of the national anthem, a homemade bomb in a trash can before a race honoring veterans or naked lifestyle versions of political candidates. Scary on so many levels.

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