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Well, Donald Trump certainly didn't disappoint us with a headline. His claim that he won't necessarily accept the election results seemed to jar many who perceive this as a challenge to the very fiber of our Democracy. Personally, I'm not sure he could have answered any other way with his recent intensified claims around a "rigged election". Overall, I though that the debate was a draw.....a result not good enough for Trump. I for one cringe as my own party relative to Roe v. Wade and other social issues. I also cringe when I consider how the Clintons have manipulated the political system for so many years and leveraged a charitable foundation as a political tool. I, like many Americans no doubt, continue to have my stomach turn as I come to the realization that one of these two will take the oath in January as leader of the free world. Unfortunately, I find myself less likely to vomit in my own mouth picturing Hillary with her hand on that Bible........ugh.

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