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Was I more interested in putting up a headline that involved a picture of Melania Trump instead of Hillary Clinton? I will never admit that for sure! All kidding aside, I found myself yesterday thinking back to what our Financial Guru, Sean Monahan, talked about yesterday. Haven't we all had enough of the negativity? Do we need to continue to talk about "Crooked Hillary"? Should we start naming the First Lady of the Republican Party "Crooked Melania"? At the end of the day, rhetoric is rhetoric. There's plenty of it to go around on both sides. I'm interested whose going to move us forward not who I'd prefer to have dinner with. I reject the Republican premise that the USA is on the verge of implosion and four more years of Obama (via Hillary Clinton) could be the end. I also reject that notion from the Democrats that things are infinitely better (or even incrementally better) than they were eight years ago. Over these next four months, I hope one of these two clowns emerges as a candidate who truly can unite a country, restore our tattered self image and take us to never before seen heights. Frankly, I don't care if they have a "D" or and "R" after their name.

Today on Wake Up (With?) Jeremy Grunin on WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 (streaming on RadioPup and we're joined by Barbara Lovell-Napoli and Marlene Kroll from the Monmouth County SPCA. Then Mark Wilson talking OCC and the arts steps into the studio. Dana Weihs Lancellotti talks about the weekend in Ocean County to cap our week. Join the conversation at 732-505-1160.

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