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Sometimes when there's a clear top story for the morning that needs to be posted on my Facebook, the trick is finding the article that best captures the moment both in headline and picture. In this case, with Melania Trump being the obvious choice for top headline because of her alleged lifting of parts of Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech, I had two choices. Choice number one was to pick a story with a picture of the beautiful potential First Lady, clearly clouding the actual merit of the story as one is blinded by her physical gifts. Choice number two is something much more hardcore, focusing on the story and the issue at hand. Much to the confusion of people that truly know me, I chose the latter. Why you may ask? Because I'm a journalist (and I didn't want to share Melania with the world).

This morning on Wake Up (With?) Jeremy Grunin on WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 (streaming on RadioPup and we're featuring Karen Wood, Superintendent of Barnegat Township schools followed by our very own Kevin Williams who will be dropping a bombshell on our listening audience (hope you come up with something, Kevin). Join our conversation at 732-505-1160.

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