It's only days now until Halloween. Do you have a costume picked out for the kids and yourself? If not, you are in luck. I have been doing some online shopping at Spirit Halloween and making my picks for favorite costumes for Halloween 2020.

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It's really fun to pick out costumes for other people and Spirit Halloween's website is absolutely jamming with cool costumes. We are happy to promote Spirit Halloween because it's owned by Egg Harbor Township's own Spencer's Gifts!

I split up my choices into a top five for boys, girls, men and women, but a couple of these costumes could be interchangeable, especially with the adults.

There are lots of popular movie character choices in the kids selections, including Toy Story, Avengers - Endgame and the classic Wizard of Oz.

Fortnite characters are big this year with kids and adults and a couple of those are included.

My favorite costumes to choose were the women's, somewhat surprisingly to me. I really enjoyed picking out the ladies costumes! I resisted the urge to pick five french maid outfits, though.

Have a look at my top five picks and hopefully you will find something you like. Here's a link to the Spirit Halloween website if you don't see anything you're interested in. There are many more costume choices there.

Have a happy Halloween!

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