Halloween is full of fun and costumes and candy. We hope that everyone finds a way to have safe 2020 style fun this Halloween. But there are some facts about a New Jersey Halloween that are tough to swallow.

We dug up some data about a Halloween in New Jersey, and some results are the type of statistics you might wish you never knew in the first place. Here they are. Don't forget, we warned you.

The Number Of Pounds We'll Consume For Halloween...It turns out the good news is that...well...frankly there's no good news here. The Garden State consumes over 405,000 pounds of candy, according to 24/7 Wall St.

The Number of Dollars We'll Spend For Halloween. In the Garden State, we will spend our share of the $8.8 billion or so spent nationally, according to WalletHub. So our waistline isn't getting smaller, but our wallet is. That's something.

New Jersey's Top Candy. I think our top candy is just, well, not too glamorous. Our #1 candy is Tootsie Pops, according to Candy Store. Of course they're good, but you see what I mean, right? At least we're not Alabama, Michigan or North Dakota. Their top candy is candy corn. Maybe we should send them some Tootsie Pops.

So, in summary we're going to eat a lot. we're going to spend a lot, and apparently, we're going to have a lot of Tootsie Pops. That sounds like a pretty normal Halloween in the midst of a year that doesn't have a whole lot of normal to it.

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