Well, isn't this the invention of the year?

Reese's is behind something that is PERFECT for Halloween season, but I personally wouldn't mind if they were around all year long.

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Introducing....Reese's Robotic Chocolate Dispensing Door!

Here is how it works. This free-standing contraption will give candy to trick-or-treaters who walk up to the door and say "Trick or Treat!" A blue tooth speaker is then activated and gives orders to the robotic shelf to dispense the chocolate.

It is also super easy for kids (or adults -- no judgement here) to take the chocolate without touching any surface of the door.

Plus, this door can be controlled using a remote up to 5,000 feet away so social distancing can still be practiced.

Wait...I'm sorry....these doors won't just spit out candy. They will give trick-or-treaters FULL SIZE Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Man...houses who would give us those as a kid were at the top of my list.

So here is the thing. I found out about this later than I would have hoped.

Reese's is holding a contest and will be giving away a few of these awesome doors just in time for Halloween!

To enter to win, simply comment on THIS PHOTO on Reese's Instagram account and tell them why you want the door and where you are located. It is also important to include the hashtag #ReesesDoor in the comment to be considered.

The catch: You only have TODAY to comment. Entries will stop being accepted on Wednesday, October 21st.

I know...I am SO SORRY! I wish I found this cool contest sooner!

Better late than never?

Get to entering folks and enjoy the peanut buttery goodness that are Reese's.

Take a look at the original sources at Today.com, LiteRock969.com and Reese's Instagram Account!

.....by the way, I just entered to win for the door. FINGERS CROSSED!

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