It’s interesting to see the reaction certain posts receive on social media and I wonder if it says a lot about what we have become. Or not become.

Tuesday I did a very serious segment on my Hometown View dealing with my frustration (and yours) over the lack of representation we are getting from our elected leaders.

The point I made was that those we do elect show considerably more loyalty to their political party then us once they get in office.

Like I usually do I shared this on my personal Facebook page and got a couple of comments and only four “likes” which means basically only a few people probably read what I thought was something of relative importance.

However later in the day somebody posted a video of Minnesota Vikings fans being heckled and verbally abused by Eagles fans in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.  I “shared” the post with a simple title of “The Best of Philadelphia” which was sarcastic and meant to be.

Let the debate begin as there were more than 20 comments, most ripping Philly fans while some not necessarily defending the actions of what were mostly young people who obviously had been drinking but saying the same behavior takes place everywhere. By the way I do agree with that sentiment but I think it’s fair to say that Philly fans have a well-earned reputation as being among the worst behaved in all of sports.

I have a friend who is both a diehard fan of the Phillies and football Giants which in itself is a strange combination.  From personal experience he told me he would never wear a Giants jersey to a game in Philly as it only leads to trouble.  It’s a sad commentary about our society that fans have to feel that way.

In conclusion if you want to post something on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat that will garner attention stick to pictures and videos of fights, animals, babies, destructive weather, celebrities, food and of course people misbehaving in public.

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