If you spend any time on New Jersey's roads, it might not surprise you that the Garden State is one of the worst states to drive in, according to recent research.

So, how bad is it to drive in New Jersey? How about the 9th worst state in the whole country. We have horrible rankings in many driving categories, according to research reported at wallethub.com.

Check out some of these findings. When it comes to infrastucture and traffic, we rank #49, meaning if it wasn't for Massachusetts, we'd be dead last in the nation. And the bad news doesn't end there.

In the "cost of ownership and maintenance" category, we're pretty close to the bottom as well. We rank eighth worst in the United States. We also rank 43rd in road quality.

There is a little bit of good news for the Garden State. We do rank 6th best in road safety, but all the other statistics in this research do not reflect well on driving in New Jersey.

The research used 23 key metrics to come up with their findings, and you can check out more of the data at wallethub.com, and good luck traveling on those New Jersey roads today.

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