The Red Carpet Inn in downtown Toms River could soon be bulldozed to the ground after a council vote last night made the township owners of the property.

The Red Carpet Inn has been a den of criminal activity including several drug busts making it a hotel that's become a black eye in downtown Toms River.

The Township Council that has four Republicans and three Democrats voted unanimously Tuesday night at their meeting to buy the hotel for a cost of $4,800,000.00.

"The Township Council voted to buy it first or condemn it through eminent domain and eventually it would be knocked down," Stacy Proebstle, Toms River Public Information Director told WOBM News.

"Last night’s vote was a unanimous decision by the governing body," Proebstle said. "This was a year-long effort led by the Mayor and the township’s Quality of Life Task Force to eliminate this nuisance in order to move forward with the township’s newly adopted Downtown Master Plan."

A public hearing and second reading for final passage of this ordinance are both scheduled to undergo discussion at the next Council Meeting on February 13 at 6:00 pm.

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