I recently saw survey numbers from the Retail Preference Index and it listed the top retailers around the nation. These are the giants in retail here in America.


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When you look at the rankings from the RPI, it's no surprise that Amazon tops the list, and names like Walmart, Target, BJ's, and Trader Joe's are on it as well. These like I said are the "big" retailers around the nation. So what about one that we don't have here at the Shore in Ocean or Monmouth Counties...


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The retail chain we don't have here at the Shore is Market Basket. I will be honest I have never heard of them and I'd love to hear your feedback.

  • Deborah: Shopped at Franklin Lakes store and loved it.
  • Amanda: I think I've been to one in Massachusetts I think that's what it was called. Lol. If so it was nice, reminded me of Shop Rite
  • Tammy: Love That Place
  • John: Really fresh foods


Looking online it appears Market Basket, which originated in Massachusetts, is somewhere between Whole Foods, Aldi, and Trader Joe's. Looking at some articles it appears Market Basket may be less expensive than Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. According to one survey, only Aldi was less expensive than Market Basket and we know these days that "price" is the number one factor for people when shopping.

I think we could use a Market Basket in both counties. Let's get one in Monmouth County...what town? and one in Ocean County...what town?

Sound off and let us know what YOU are thinking...


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