The Jersey Shore has lost another restaurant that has been a staple in the area for decades.

40 years to be exact.

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If you could see me typing right now you'd likely be shocked. It's angry typing that may result in a broken laptop.

I'm so tired of seeing restaurants and businesses continue to suffer from a situation that they have zero control over.

I'm talking about COVID.

Don't be fooled, the struggle for restaurant owners is still very real.

Imagine going through the first wave of the pandemic when many had to quarantine.

Restaurants had to shut down. They had no choice.

Luckily, some of our favorite eateries were able to scrape by when delivery and take-out were made an option.

Fast forward to what we thought was "the other side" of the nightmare that is the corona virus.

The masks came off and people were returning back to some kind of normal by going out to eat at our excellent local restaurants.

The only problem is that in order for a restaurant to operate, you need people to work at said restaurant.

Many didn't return to their jobs or they found new ones. Another hurdle.

Remember the first time you heard omicron? Another COVID variant, how bad could it be?

Pretty bad.

Listen, the past two years haven't been easy for anyone. But, they particularly took a toll on local businesses.

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After over 40 years in business, Mexican restaurant Casa Comida has sold the business.

A real estate listing announcing the sale congratulated the owners on their retirement.

However, some at the Jersey Shore believe that a decline in business is what caused the retirement.

I've been to Casa Comida many times and always have a great experience, but according to some on social, the restaurant was declining and struggling.

One Facebook user said:

Let's just be honest here, Casa Comida was doomed long before Covid. Terrible service, below average food, and management that stopped caring years ago. Good riddance.

Pretty harsh. That wasn't the only criticism.

I loved it years ago - for a while, it was the only Mexican restaurant in the area. The last time I was there it was a mess and smelled bad - we didn’t even order. I was very sad because I missed what it had once been.

So what's next? Many have heard that the restaurant will be demolished for condos or possibly a hotel.

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