If you're from Jersey, you're spending time at the boardwalk in the summer. It's just the way it is. It comes as naturally as raking leaves in the fall or putting up decorations for the holidays in the winter. It's a part of the natural cycle of our year and we love it. The question is, which boardwalk do we love the most? I asked around and got a few different answers.

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New Jersey Family did a great write up on the best boardwalks in Jersey, so I had to reflect on each one and see if I could find your favorite. After a very unofficial poll, you might be surprised at what boardwalk was considered the favorite.  Let's break down each one and what they have to offer:

So we love to DO AC...my husband and I go for the gambling (in fact we will go in July with some visiting family members and we can't wait to win big). This is the one boardwalk I have not personally spent a lot of time at but plan to...you have to appreciate it's history it IS America's oldest boardwalk (1870).  It has six miles of strolling, the Pier Shops at Caesars, and the Steel Pier theme park. In other words, this is where I'll spend my winnings.

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Next, don't forget about Asbury Park! We broadcast live from there every Friday in the summer and I look forward to driving past The Stony Pony and Tilly 2.0 on the Wonder Bar wall every week. The stroll to the boardwalk here reminds me of the generations of talented people who have put their music into the salt air that I'm breathing into my lungs. It's a great spot to eat, drink and be merry. There are shops like Cultivart, Fun House, Carla Gizzi, and Sanctum Handmade home decor, jewelry, and clothing from local artists.  Kids can cool off at the Asbury Splash Park or take in the boardwalk’s Silverball Museum with over 6,000 pinball machines.  There is an energy here you can describe unless you feel it.

Casino Pier in Seaside Heights (pictured above)
The 94.3 The Point family were here just this week for our huge summer kick off event!  Needless to say I love it here...so many memories!  I couldn't convince Lou to get on the Shore Shot with me, but I've done it in the past and I highly recommend!  I watched Matt Ryan and and Jimmy G hit the Hydrus...our friend Tom Hayes and his daughter joined in the fun!

943 The Point Family on Casino Pier Hydrus
Matt Ryan and Jimmy G on Casino Pier's Hydrus rollercoaster

The Pier Grill is great after you work up an appetite, especially if you like a slice of pizza as big as your head.
Cape May Promenade is more quiet...this is where my family and I went on vacation the summer before COVID, it is one of the most beautiful places to spend a summer night. It's two miles of scenic views, quaint shops and restaurants.  We are going back in August for a long weekend and I can't wait!

Morey’s Piers (Wildwood) Yep, went there the summer pre-COVID with another family and loved every minute of this free beach!  The boardwalk is legendary with three amusement piers, two waterparks, and lots of places to eat and shop.  This is the biggest boardwalk with Surfside Amusement Pier’s 23 rides.  True adrenaline junkies should check out Amusement Pier, which features more extreme rides like the Skyscraper, Springshot, and Screamin’ Swing (along with Boat Tag and Luna’s Lost Labyrinth for younger patrons).

You can't forget about Jenkinson’s Boardwalk (Point Pleasant Beach)...this is my family's staple...and where we got our pet hermit crab that finally went to the light after 3 years (that's a pretty good run...***tip:  keep that sponge wet***).  At Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, you've got great restaurants like Little Mac’s or Joey Tomato’s.  Of course you can reach new heights with the Adventure Lookout Ropes Course, experience outdoor attractions like the virtual 7D Dark Ride and interactive Fun House, win prizes at both the indoor arcades and outdoor game stalls, and enjoy family friendly rides at the Amusement Park. Families can also play mini golf at Castaway Cove, which includes a pair of pirate-themed courses, or at Lighthouse Point.  Jenkinson’s Aquarium features animals such as penguins and Atlantic sharks, as well as a touch tank where visitors are able to interact directly with the wildlife and workshops for children of all ages.

Ocean City Boardwalk (Ocean City)  Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is a historic park that’s been open since 1929. You can ride the carousel that was built in 1926, soar high in new Giant Wheel or brave their 130′ drop tower, where you’ll speed at 47 MPH towards the ground. Ocean City has great beaches and no trip to the shore would really be complete without some mini golfing at one of their four spots, including the Pirate Island Miniature Golf and Haunted Golf.

Pier Village (Long Branch)...l literally went there today after our Asbury Park live broadcast...do I get points for going to two boardwalks in one day? This is “New Jersey’s most luxurious oceanfront and dining destination.” Kids and parents are able to enjoy both traditional arcade attractions like the historic Pier Village Carousel or visit various boutiques such as Molly & Zoey, Salt Nation Surf Shop, and Makers + Shapers. During Family Fun Nights, which take place on Sundays during the summer, kids are able to play miniature golf, rock climb, win prizes at Boardwalk Fun N’ Games, and ride the carousel.  Today we'll hit up Baked Bear to make custom ice cream sandwiches! Village restaurants include the family friendly Branch Cantina and the high-end 110 Ocean.  Yum.

So the verdict is, we love them ALL and so do you.  You can't go wrong with any of them and they all offer something unique! Get out and have fun at our boardwalks this summer...our family tradition and jewel of Jersey!


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