JACKSON — A rock that appeared to be thrown through the window of a rabbi's home Thursday afternoon turned out to be the result of accident by a gardening crew.

Jackson police were called to a home on East Connecticut Concourse around 4:10 p.m. after after the resident reported hearing a crashing sound. He saw a broken window and a rock on the floor of his study, according to police.

According to property records, the home is owned by Rabbi Shmuel Perlstein.

Perlstein told police he believed "this incident was in retaliation to legal actions he is currently involved with concerning the township."

In compliance with state Attorney General and Ocean County Prosecutor's Office guidelines, Jackson police said the incident was being treated and investigated by Jackson police as a bias incident.

"After follow up investigation completed by detectives as per Attorney General guidelines, this incident is being closed and will not be labeled as a bias or criminal incident, police Capt. Steve Laskiewicz said. "Detectives determined that the damage was caused by employees of a lawn company doing work at the location and that company will be making repairs."

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