Imagine you’re a local family business owner for decades.  The great 100-year pandemic arrives and not only shuts you down but shuts everyone down for over a year.  Then as the virus becomes less of a threat, you are finally ready to open back up and greet those customers you counted on for all those years.  The problem is not those returning customers.  They begin to come back and in droves.  The obstacle is finding workers.  Business owners from all over the state are having this same issue.  Some proprietors are just downright frustrated.  This is New Jersey, patience is not our strong point.

Joe Leone's Italian Specialties with locations in Point Pleasant Beach and Seagirt had plans to expand in the Manasquan area but had to suspend that initiative.  Owner Joe Leone Introna says he can’t find people to hire.  He needs about 30 people to make it happen.  Even the job sites are not helping Joey Leones find the right help. As the typical “Help Wanted” signs are up at his locations, he has even resorted to dressing someone up in a lion costume to solicit new workers.  Despite his struggles, Introna decided to increased the pay, not just for new hires but for his current workers as well.  Nice guy!

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Those New Jersey residents who lost their jobs due to Covid19 are receiving unemployment insurance that equals about 2/3 of their salary.  Factor in the additional $300 a week and it deflates any incentive for those unemployed to seek new work.

It goes without saying the Jersey Shore tourism is in a great position to do very well this summer.  But if businesses can’t staff their services that goal may not be achievable.  Do your community a solid.  Get a Job, there’s plenty to choose from.

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