Wawa is building new stores at the Jersey Shore at a rapid pace. One of the new locations will be constructed at a historic location.

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Glory's Market has been a mainstay in Jackson at the corner of Cedar Swamp Rd. and Route 526 since 1973. It didn't matter if you were a customer, that market was a landmark. For me as a kid, when you saw Glory's in the car window, it meant you finally getting close to Great Adventure.

It sits at the perfect location, just off of exit 21 on 195 and at a busy intersection.

There's also a ton of unused real estate behind Glory's that had been primarily used for truckers to park overnight.

Jackson Township has given developers the green light to build a new Wawa with a gas station along with a yet-to-be-named liquor store, pharmacy, and retail space.

Here's the plan.

Jackson Planning Board
Jackson Planning Board

Not all residents are on board with this plan. There are a fair amount of accidents at this intersection. In 2018, a truck drove into Glory's Market demolishing it. Now there will be gas pumps on the premises. However, by the looks of the planning board's mockup, the Wawa looks to be set back a fair amount.

Locals are also concerned about the environmental impact of this new construction. Gas pumps will be very close to a stream.

There isn't a timeline for when this new endeavor will be completed.

Once built, this new Wawa will make number five for Jackson.

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