For those who don't see deer that often or encounter them on the road at night, they're cute. Some would even say beautiful and majestic.

If you live near a large herd of them and they destroy your plants and poop on your lawn, maybe not so much.

There is currently a building boom in a state that is already the most densely populated in the country. This is displacing more of the deer population and driving them further into the suburbs and even our cities.

We are just a few weeks away from the rut. That's the deer's mating season and it runs from late October 'til about mid-December here in New Jersey.

Not only will they be foraging for food in suburban yards and lawns, but they'll be running around like crazy. They will be darting into roads day and night trying to mate.

The males can be scarce most times of the year. They tend to congregate among other males or go solo deep in the woods, coming out to mate this time of year. Their hormones are raging, and they will run anywhere this time of year, sometimes throwing caution to the wind just to do what comes naturally.

We definitely have a deer overpopulation problem, and it seems to be getting worse.

These are just some of the deer that come into my backyard in Evesham Township.

The deer that visit Dennis

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