Have you ever been out somewhere in public, seen someone and immediately thought to yourself “hey… is that [insert celebrity here] over there?”

It’s happened to me on at least one occasion back in 2019 when I thought I saw Michael Bishop, lead singer for the shock rock group GWAR. 

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Turns out it was the lead singer of the band, and after staring at him for 15 minutes trying to decide if it was him or not he came up to me and asked why I was staring.

Got a picture with him though so that was nice! 

Credit: Buehler
Credit: Buehler

Even celebrities can run into this type of situation, and it happened to Adam Sandler some time back in 1992 when he was working for Saturday Night Live.

Now, as a side note I have to mention that 1990-1995 are the golden years of SNL in my opinion. Legends like Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, David Spade, Chris Farley, and Adam Sandler absolutely killing it every week. 

Credit: Asit Khanda via Unsplash
Credit: Asit Khanda via Unsplash

Sometime in 1992 Adam Sandler was at a small time gym when he though he recognized one of the biggest names in rock music who also just happens to be Jersey Native.

Sandler retells the story to Seth Myers on a recent edition of the Late show.

I think the best part of the whole thing is the reaction the SNL cast gives him, I mean what would you have said to the Sand Man?

Right? Bruce Springsteen, actually recognizing Adam Sandler! Talk about once in a lifetime. Have you ever ran into a celebrity? Shoot me a message on our app and let me know!

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