Cancer survivors are some of the bravest, strongest and most admirable people I have ever met.

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So when I meet a child who has conquered cancer not once, not twice, but three times...I am in awe.

Her name is Reese Osmond and she is an 11-year-old Forked River resident who started her battle with cancer at just 2.5 years old and has had to undergo chemotherapy treatments three times in her life.

Fresh homemade lemonade with lemon and mint

According to, Reese is in remission! Magical words I am so happy to hear.

Reese is about to take your amazement to a whole new level.

This weekend, she will be hosting, "a lemonade stand fundraiser to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which funds research for childhood cancer."

The lemonade stand will be held at Reese's home which is located at 410 Carr Street in Forked River on Saturday, June 25th from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

This will be Reese's fourth charitable lemonade stand and overall, has raised over $5,000 for Alex's Lemonade Stand.


Her goal is to raise $2,000 on Saturday which will bring her new total to $7,000.

The good news is that if you cannot physically make it to Reese's lemonade stand this Saturday, there is an official page where you can donate online.

To donate or for more information on this amazing event, CLICK HERE.

Reese, I have no other words but to applaud you.

You have personally experienced the pain and struggles of battling cancer and are doing all you can to help other kids who may have to experience the same.

The world needs more strong, amazing people like you.

Stay strong.

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