Introducing Sneh, an extremely talented hair dresser working at Christopher Royce Hair Studios in Spring Lake Heights.

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Not only do I LOVE how my hair turned out but I thoroughly enjoyed my personal experience overall.

This Jersey Shore business is so much more than a hair salon.

Usually, you are getting your hair cut and colored with other customers two feet away. Not here.

Each hair dresser works in their own individual room that comes with a salon chair, full counter and mirror. Your service is personalized, private and relaxing opposed to the chaos that I've witnessed in other salons.

Sneh has worked as a hair dresser for eight years and she knows everything there is to know about hair.

Introducing Sneh!

To start, you will never book with a receptionist.

Sneh speaks with all of her clients on the phone first to get to know you and to discuss what you are looking for before making an appointment.

Upon arrival, Sneh greeted me with a smile and open arms. We went right into her room to re-discuss what I was looking for and the plan of action.

Quick pause: Christopher Royce Hair Studios has a full bar where customers can enjoy a unique, handmade cocktail while they are glammed. You know how much I HATED this

Sneh then applied my color, shaped my layers and had me leaving that salon feeling like myself again!

I won't lie to you. Girl talk took up most of the appointment and Sneh is so easy to approach which I think is an important quality to have in a hairstylist.

If you want to give your hair the revamp you've been looking for, reach out to Sneh! We already have planned my next color and highlights for the fall season!

Here's how you can reach out:

1. Reach out on Facebook: @BeautyBySneh

2. Reach out on Instagram: @LoveSneh

3. Text or call her directly at (609) 638-8002

When you do make an appointment, tell them Nicole sent you!

Christopher Royce Hair Studios is located at 209 Route 71 in Spring Lake Heights.

Here are their hours:

Sun - Mon: Closed
Tue - Thu: 12PM - 8PM
Fri: 9AM - 6PM
Sat: 9AM - 4PM

And once your hair is good to go, here is where you should head:

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