Six weeks of Jersey shore summer is still a lot of summer. But we all know how fast six weeks can go, especially when we want it to go slowly. So, what haven’t you done yet?

I was thinking about all the thing I want to do this summer. My favorite thing is hanging out in my very cool backyard with my very cool wife, and we’ve been doing a lot of that. We decided to get a hot tub and we’ve been in it just about every day. Our backyard is our own little paradise, which is great,  but there are some things I haven’t done yet this summer that I definitely want to do.

For instance, I haven’t played golf yet. Isn’t that a shame? If you ever saw me play golf, you might think my lack of golf this summer is a blessing. But I still want to get out there and play a few rounds.

I also haven’t been to the beach yet. That is a travesty. I’ve been to the boardwalk and I did some swimming in the bay on my brother-in-law’s boat, but I have yet to make direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re making your own list in your head right now, don’t panic. We still have plenty of time. But remember, if you see me on the golf course, please look the other way. I might be a tad rusty.

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