The remains that washed up in Avon weren’t human after all, but rumors spread like wildfire across social media when the bones were found. Something that the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office warns could be dangerous.

Avon beach removal

Mark Lemieux, Director of Investigations for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office says the medical examiner conducted tests on the remains that washed up ashore in Avon, and the bones are definitely non -human. However as soon as reports of the remains broke, rumors of spread throughout Facebook and Twitter about the remains being human.

And Lemieux says authorities were very careful about making sure information was confirmed before being released.

“There was no mention as to what these bones were at the time, until the medical examiner had the opportunity to take a look at them.”

“When something like this occurs, it’s better to be conservative.” Says Lemieux “To look at what you have and have the specialist have the opportunity to review these things before making a determination as to what they are and what they’re not.”

Noting making assumptions creates a situation that is “not really necessary.”

Lemieux says since the bones were ruled as “non human” there won’t be much done in the way of further testing.


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