Let’s be honest. We all like to get away. But if it’s a staycation you’re doing, doing it at the Jersey Shore ain’t so bad.

When I was off last week, it wasn’t really a vacation or a staycation since Diane was working. So I took the opportunity to sleep in a little and get some things done around the yard that I really wanted to do. While I was coordinating one of these projects over the phone, somebody from New Jersey but not from the shore put it in perspective for me.

He was asking me what time would be a good time to set the appointment, and I told him anytime was good since I was off all week. He asked if I was on vacation and I said yes. then I guess he saw my address and said, “Point Pleasant huh? I guess it’s a vacation all summer!”

Of course I wanted to jump into my “yea if you want to sit in traffic, wait on line for dinner, spend 45 minutes looking for a parking spot” mode, but I stopped for a second, smiled and said, “yea, we’re pretty lucky to live at the Jersey shore.” And we are…Oops…Sorry I have to go now, the guy from Canada who has been parked in front of my house for six days is leaving. I have to grab that spot.

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