Rook Coffee has been hard at work and now, has the perfect new release just in time for the holiday season.

Introducing.... the brand new Apple Pie Style Cold Brew! 

Rook Coffee
Rook Coffee

Now this flavor has been available since October 14th and thus far, people are going C R A Z Y for it. As a result, the Apple Pie Style Cold Brew will now also be available by the bottle, in store and online!

*Cue the apple-pie themed 10 second dance party...NOW!*

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Okay....that was fun but now back to business.

So here is how the Apple Pie Style Cold Brew is being described by Rook Coffee:

This is, "the brew you didn't know you were missing during fall. The Apple Pie Style Cold Brew is made with fresh, dark roasted cold brew coffee infused with cinnamon and all-natural vanilla and apple flavors."

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But does get better.

This new cold brew contains ZERO artificial ingredients, colorings syrups or added sugar.  It is also vegan.

"This brew started as a funky idea we wanted to tinker with, and after our initial tasting, the team’s general consensus was that we had a really special cold brew on our hands, providing that cozy fall feeling we were all searching for,” said Alex Bahamonde, Head of Production. “We honed in on the beautiful pairing of flavors to create something reminiscent of apple pie, just as our classic Pumpkin Style is strikingly similar to pumpkin pie.”

This seasonal cold brew will only be available for a limited time so if this is up your alley, order it ASAP at And maybe get an extra bottle for me??😬😬

Shout out to Rook Coffee for continuously making new coffee flavors and cold brews for us avid coffee drinkers who NEED IT!

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