Police in Beachwood continue to investigate a shooting that occurred on Monday night near Admiral Avenue and Locker Street and are searching for the shooter(s) and anyone involved.

By the time borough police arrived at the scene around 9:23 pm, anyone to do with the shooting was gone, as were both of the suspect vehicles.

A third vehicle, riddled with bullet holes, was left behind at the scene but there have been no reported injuries.

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Police believe the incident started in another town and carried into the intersection in Beachwood.

In addition to Beachwood Police responding to the scene, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department CSI was there as well.

If you have any information that can help with this ongoing investigation, contact Beachwood Police Detective David Bowden or D/Sgt. Allen Magory at (732) 286-6000 or dbowden@beachwoodpolice.com and amagory@beachwoodpolice.com.

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