Paw Prints on Our Heart is a student run store at Joseph C. Caruso school in Keansburg. Barbara Leary's 4th grade class opened the store in efforts to raise money and awareness for the Monmouth County SPCA and the Monmouth County Sheriff's K-9 Unit.

Caruso School Students, Keansburg - Chris Scali, Townsquare Media

Giving up recess and weekend time might not be the ideal situation for most 4th graders, but For Mrs. Leary's class, it's all for a good cause.

Caruso School Students, Keansburg - Chris Scali, Townsquare Media

Over the past few years, Mrs. Leary's students have raised an astounding $3,059. This money has benefited the Monmouth County Sheriff's K-9 Unit by providing new bullet proof vests for the dogs as well as the SPCA and any materials needed to keep their animal shelter running smoothly.

Students collect the money through donated merchandise from professional sport teams and other entities that they solicit and sell.  Business hours are during designated hours throughout the day, often including recess and lunch.

Caruso School Students, Keansburg - Chris Scali, Townsquare Media

The completely student run store has given the students an opportunity to learn real-life business skills and the importance of helping out in your community.

"I think it's really important to teach everyone, especially kids at a young age to give back to the community, in any way that you can," said Leary.

In addition to helping out the community and giving back to the law enforcement officers that keep them safe every day, the 4th grade students are also learning skills that may help them one day when it comes to job searches.

Since the store is completely student-run, the students in Mrs. Leary's class must apply for positions at the store. Positions include, personal shoppers, shelf stockers, book keepers, managers, outreach coordinator and security, among others.

Caruso School Students, Keansburg - Chris Scali, Townsquare Media

Each student is required to write a 5 paragraph persuasive piece about why they want the job they are applying for. After, they are interviewed and if fitting for the position, begin dedicating their time and effort to their job at the store.

To many adults, job interviews may be nerve-wracking, but to the 4th grade students, it's a fun learning experience, especially with the chance to call their teacher Mrs. Leary, her first name.

"I like the interview process because it is fun and we get to call Mrs. Leary her real name," laughed student Paige Brown.

The student store is not the only thing this class is doing to help out their community. On April 29th, Mrs. Leary's animal loving class will be walking with the Monmouth County SPCA for their 23rd Annual Dog Walk & Pet Fair.