The manager and an employee of McDonald's on Route 9 in Berkeley Township are recovering from injuries, after being attacked by two men who bought food to go and grew irate about the contents.  The suspects are still on the loose.

Berkeley Township police cruiser
Berkeley Township police cruiser (Facebook)

A source close to shop workers said the incident erupted after closing time. Berkeley Township police said that they were notified at about 11:33 PM Sunday night by an employee.

The manager, 19, told police that the pair walked to the drive-in window and began to pound on the window, complaining that the order was incorrect.

The manager told police that, since the restaurant had closed, he asked them to return the next day for a credit.

One suspect threw the bag of food in the manager's face, grabbed him and punched him in the face, he told investigators, adding that his hand became trapped in the drive-in window as he tried to close it.

A 21-year-old worker told police that he raced from the store and confronted both men in the parking lot, when one of them whipped out a knife and slashed him on the wrist.

The manager and employee were treated for injuries at Community Medical Center in Toms River. Police said that the manager was checked for a possible broken wrist, and the worker required stitches for his wound.

Descriptions of the suspects were not forthcoming, nor were potential charges the pair would face, but police are asking anyone who can add information to their investigation to call their Tip Line, 732-341-1132, ext. 611.

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