A new Legoland amusement park has been under construction for a while now and should be ready to open next year. But when will you be able to visit?

That is the big question as New York has yet to offer any guidance on amusement parks opening during the pandemic. But first, let's start with the good news.

New York Upstate (NYUP) is reporting that construction on the $500 million Legoland park is moving along in Goshen and it looks like it will be ready to open in 2021. So in a pandemic free world, you could be actively dreaming about scheduling some Legoland fun for your family. The big question mark that still remains - will the park be allowed to open under New York's pandemic guidelines?  NYUP says the park was originally scheduled to open back in July, but that was postponed because of the pandemic.

New York has yet to offer guidance or give amusement parks the go-ahead to reopen, which to me does not make sense. The biggest frustration for all of us has just been the inconsistencies of the guidelines. For example, while it has been perfectly safe to start going to indoor businesses over the last few months, one of our favorite local attractions, the Great Escape could not open.  I think we all understand crowds are a concern, but even with the park being outdoors and a great plan that addressed social distancing and lowered capacity limits, the Great Escape opening it's doors never became reality. I thought it was odd to they did not even open for their Halloween event, when other Six Flags parks in the country were able to do so.

At some point, the common sense we are applying for some businesses reopening (Social distancing, capacity limits, etc) needs to be applied across the board. Let's hope we see Legoland open in 2021, and we can get back to having fun at some of the local attractions we missed out on this year.

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