CNN reports, Lowe's Home Improvement Store is catering to concerns of their customers who may not want to visit their stores, but still want a fresh cut Christmas tree this year. Beginning October 30th you can order a fresh cut tree from Lowe's and they will deliver it to your home within 2-5 days of your order. Your order must be at least $45, but if you've ever gone shopping for a fresh Christmas tree, that's usually around what they cost. Not only are they catering to people who may not want to shop in their stores, but they also want to decrease the amount of people in their stores this holiday season due to the coronavirus pandemic. This will definitely help keep the crowds down. For more info, visit this article from CNN or call your local Lowe's store.

I think due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people around the world are looking forward to the Christmas holiday season. It's a time of year that makes people happy. It's the bright lights, it's the music, it's the traditions. It's all the things that we feel like we've been missing out on since this pandemic has turned out world upside down. It will be my son's first Christmas and I know my husband and I will try to make it a memorable one. I am not one to start celebrating a season before the previous one is over, but I will definitely be putting up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving for sure. We do not do the fresh ones anymore, but my Dad still does, so I know he'll appreciate this service for sure.

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