Photo by Monica Bourgeau on Unsplash
Photo by Monica Bourgeau on Unsplash

Do you live in one of the beautiful Monmouth County towns that have been named one of the must visit towns in the Garden State? There is a pretty decent chance that you do, because 3 Monmouth County towns made the list. So, which are they?

Photo by Samantha Watkins on Unsplash
Photo by Samantha Watkins on Unsplash

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We'll say this. The first two are awesome towns that you could most likely guess. There are a lot of must visit towns in Monmouth County, and these two should absolutely cross you mind.

It's the third one, also a great town, that you may not be able to guess. It certainly deserves to be on the list, but we don't think you'll be able to get it.

Let's start with the two more obvious ones. The Crazy Tourist named these Monmouth County Towns "must visit".

Spring Lake..It's the first one I thought of, and it probably is near the top of you list as well.And deservedly so. There is no more quaint, beautiful towns anywhere in this great state.

Red Bank...There is a certain vibe about Red Bank. It's decidedly Monmouth County, but it's got a great dose of city feel to it, and it's one of the most beautiful towns around the holidays.

Ocean Grove..There's the amazing history, the gorgeous beach and the feel of a quaint beach town, It doesn't get much more visitable than this.

Now that we have revealed the ones you could have probably figured out on your own, it's time to uncover the one town you probably don't have on your radar. The third Monmouth County town you must visit, according to The Crazy Tourist is... this section of Wall is really adorable, and certainly deserves the spot it has earned on this list, but would you have ever guessed?

So, congratulations Monmouth County for pretty much dominating this list. We deserve it, and by the way, there are probably more of our towns that should have made the list.

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