This is totally my opinion, but I've heard it from a lot of people and you agree with me.

Fall is the time to walk, shop, and sip pumpkin spice. Smithville is the perfect place to do those three things and so much more, including hopping on a tiny train for an adorable little ride.

Smithville is located in Galloway Township in Atlantic County. Smithville is Exit 48 off the Garden State Parkway and about 15 minutes away from Atlantic City. For several years I lived in Smithville and I absolutely loved it. It's a kingdom of small businesses with over 60 shops from a cheese shop that's to die for to Scoops Ice Cream Shop to lots of eclectic shops that you will love.

Smithville has several events for the month of October with two of their biggest coming up - the Monsterbash and Witches Day. Smithville isn't just about the shops, it's about the feeling you get while walking around. Every time I go down to Smithville and I just did this past weekend, the feels, the smells, the smiling faces, I just love it.

Smithville isn't just for the fall, their biggest season is coming up with Christmas. If you've never been to this charming little town, this is the time to visit. Personally, I love the talking Christmas tree, it makes us giggle every time. The dancing Christmas trees in the lake are quite amazing, too.

It's not just the shopping, believe me, you don't have to buy anything while you're there. You might want to buy something, but you don't have to. It's just such a "charming" spot in New Jersey that everyone should visit. It's a quick trip south of Ocean County and a nice day trip for the whole family.

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