When it comes to scary New Jersey stories, the Sandy Hook Serpent ranks among the weirdest stories in the state.

If you've never heard of the Sandy Hook Serpent, here's a little about him. He is reportedly a 50-foot serpent-like creature who has been spotted on occasion in the Shrewsbury (Navesink) River.

The beast was apparently first spotted in the late 19th century, and according to weirdnj.com, it was seen by several people, many of whom were very familiar with the waters and it's local sea life.

That famous story was about a group of men from Red Bank who spotted the creature when returning from a picnic at Highlands Beach at around 10:00 p.m. and were forced to use evasive measures to avoid the beast.

But it wasn't the first Sandy Hook Serpent sighting. Two years prior to that event, the creature was written about in Scientific American, where they theorized it was a giant squid.

The one thing that has kept this mystery from fading into folklore is the credibility of many of the witnesses who reported seeing the creature, including the Sandy Hook Life Saving Service, which reported a sighting in November of 1879.

There has never really been any conclusion as to what the creature is, or even if it exists at all. But, one thing is for sure. No matter where you live at the Jersey Shore, you're not that far from Sandy Hook!

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