A disappointing end to what was a rather exciting season for the Yankees and their many fans as they watched the Red Sox celebrate winning the American League Division series on the field at Yankee Stadium.

The 4-3 loss pretty much summed up the season for the guys in pinstripes. When they hit home runs they win, when they don’t they lose.  The record-setting power packed lineup did not hit a homer in the two games played in the Bronx and lost both and the series.

The good news for all of you who root for the Yankees is their core group is made up of so many young players and the future is very bright.  They’ll likely try and add a couple of starting pitchers and don’t be surprised if they are the World Series favorites when next season starts.

Of course for now they can turn their attention to their golf games. They have plenty of time to work on that.  Listen, I had to take a shot somewhere.

Not that most of you care but the ALCS matchup between the Red Sox and Astros could be something special starting Friday night in Boston.

In unrelated developments:

Congratulations to the boys soccer teams from both Jackson Memorial and Pinelands as they made it back-to-back division titles with wins on Tuesday.  The Jaguars secured their second straight Class A South championship with a 5-1 victory over Toms River North and the Wildcats defended their Class B South crown following a 4-0 win over Manchester.

The Trump Administration suffered a bit of a blow with Tuesday’s announcement that Nikki Haley would resign as Ambassador to the United Nations at the end of the year.  The former Governor of South Carolina was somewhat of a bright star in an administration that has been plagued by numerous personnel shakeups.

Haley insisted she has no plans to run for any political office and just needed to take a break which probably sums up the feelings of most who serve at the pleasure of the president.


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