Assemblyman Ron Dancer, R-Ocean, is sponsoring legislation to allow drivers with suspended licenses for non-moving violations, such as parking tickets, to drive on a restricted basis.

Dancer says it may give some suspended drivers a chance to get out from under accumulated violations.

"This legislation is necessary, and in my opinion, overdue," he said this week.

He also pointed to recent pronouncements from New Jersey's highest court that suggested some municipal courts have been in effect holding fundraisers through fines for the local municipality.

Dancer said these municipal court operations are little more than a "money grab by government."

Dancer said his proposed hardship license would not apply to anyone suspended for DWI from alcohol or drugs, or other serious driving violations.

"We need to provide people that want to work, they want to pay their bills — we need to provide them with an opportunity to continue to get to work, be able to pay their bills, pay this off," he said.

Under his proposed law, the driver with this kind of licenses would have to display a placard on their rear-view window so that police would be able to see it.

Municipal courts would determine if a driver qualifies under this legislation.

"If you are a dangerous driver, you will not be getting a hardship driver's license. We do not want them on the road to harm any of us."

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