Marianne recently took a fall, but has thankfully gotten back up.  Here is her story:

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!!!  I will never make fun of that commercial again, and don't say you've never done it...

It was Sunday at about 3PM, my grandkids just left for home and I decided to get some Christmas shopping done.  I put on my Converse, I grabbed my keys, wallet, sunglasses and of COURSE my cell phone.  I'm saying my bye-byes to my puppies, telling them I'll be right back and I would bring them home a prize.  As I'm blowing my air kisses I turn to open the door to the garage, juggling my things in my one hand (why I didn't take my bag I don't know).  As I'm opening the door and looking down at the same time to make sure one of my Houdini's wouldn't escape, I step on the top step leading to the garage and I knew it was coming: somehow I tripped over my own two feet and what happened next seemed like a scene from a movie in slow motion - I went DOWN sideways, pulling the door behind me closed, falling 3 steps, landing on the cement floor!

I was dazed.  All I heard was everyone barking inside. I must have laid there a good three minutes with my first thought being "OH CRIPES, my phone - it has to be broken".  I pick it up and WOW , not a scratch… unlike me, who was kinda banged up.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my husband is upstairs watching “The Game” and when he does that he has tunnel vision and doesn't have a clue what's going on around him - including the commotion the puppies are making downstairs.  I pick up my phone and call him to tell him what happened.  His response?  Get this, "What do you want me to do?" I said “come down and help me dope” although I used a different, more colorful word for "dope" at the time.  He helps me into the house and suggested I should go to the ER now instead of waiting until night (two must see teams must have been playing each other).

We get to the hospital and they do X-rays and decided nothing broken, just heavy bruising and swelling and that I will more than likely feel worse the next day (they were right on that one).  That night I'm lying in bed and my mind starts thinking about my past 53 years on this earth…  I used to skate , ride a bike, use a skateboard, surf, gymnastics, jump rope, and even for a time rode dirt bikes and now I'm tripping over my own two feet!  I find myself holding a railing going down AND up the stairs, stepping up a curb carefully and making sure both my shoes are tied at all times.   Oh, and no more throw rugs in my house because they are not safe!  I'm thinking, “I have become my grandmother"!  All the things I saw her do and thought in the back of my mind were just her being OVER cautious… now I understand where she was coming from: as we get older our minds may think young but the body is not listening.

I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for a Hoveround, but I'm seriously thinking of one of those pendants because who knows?  Maybe next time I fall my phone might get broken and if there is a real good game on at the time I might have to wait until the end of the 4th quarter for someone to realize I'm missing, if at all. So if anyone under the age of 30 is reading this, next time you see an older person, think to yourself, they were once MY age...  Don't blink kids because this WILL be you one day and you will be your own Grandmother!!!

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