I'm HORRIFIED that Gen Z-ers are calling us out for being old for NORMAL things we are wearing or saying! 

Dear Gen Z-ers. I see you making your TikTok videos about how side parts are ugly, skinny jeans are uncool, and how using the crying with laughter emoji 😂 is a dead giveaway that we're old. (To the reader, if you haven't seen these videos before, here's one you can check out).

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@mollymuppetspamchallengemy girlbossification ##girlboss♬ Side part and skinny jeans - Mammy Banter

As an almost 30-year-old proud skinny jean wearer, whose hair part is off-center but more to the side, and frequent abuser of the crying with laughter emoji, I am disgusted by your declarations. You laugh now, Gen-Z (currently ages 6-24) but one day you're going to open your eyes, and you'll be in your late 20's, and kids will be calling your baggy jeans, middle parts, and whatever emoji you use to express laughter uncool. And you'll also have a bunch of random back pains that came out of nowhere!

In conclusion, Gen-Z, my "peak years" may be slipping away, but my confidence and happiness with myself are not! I will continue embracing who I am, ugly hair part, untrendy jeans, and all 😂😂😂😂😂, and I encourage all Ocean County women to do the same! We may be getting older (it happens to everyone I'm finding), but our age gives us the advantage of security in ourselves that I certainly did not have in my early twenties. And I will end off by repeating other posts I've seen on social media by saying that at least our generations knew better than to eat Tide Pods.

Shine on, you lovely, powerful, strong, Ocean County women.

-Diana Tyler

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